Winning back clients

Kundenrückgewinnung Kunden Altkunden Rückgewinnung

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Other than the odd client you do not want to lose your clients because with the loss of clients comes the loss of business and in some cases the loss of a single client could threaten your company’s existence.


Losing clients could be due to various reasons. However it is important to find out why so that you can take counter measures.


The best way to find out why this is happening is to contact former clients. This can be very time consuming and requires quite a bit of experience.


Assign this task to us, you can benefit from our know-how and use your time to turn our findings into effective new sales methods. This way, you will lose less clients in the future.


From Bock & Team's point of view, this may just be the first step of many. Our standards go further: We intend to convince your former clients that your business relationship should be given another chance.


This is the fine art of winning back clients.