Client acquisition

Neukundengewinnung Kunden Neukunden Gewinnung

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Every year you lose clients, this is normal, however it is important to also gain new clients too.


It is not easy these days to acquire new clients – as you would have noticed yourself. Pretty much every company has their existing business relationships, partners and suppliers, and there is not much willingness for change - for many different reasons.


Nevertheless, we have found a way, which enables us to get through to the right contact partners of your target groups, to produce interest, and to create a sustainable contact within a short period of time.


How do we know which clients are of interest to you?


Firstly we create an analysis of market potential, to identify which potential clients exist in your target area. Wir research up to 92% of all companies which meet the relevant critera. Secondly we find the right contact person and create sustainable contact with them for you.


This way, we continuously supply our customers with potential new business clients.